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The Safina Community Center Project is a project to create a real, lasting, and impactful place for our Youth in Washington. We wish to address all of the issues facing our Youth today by creating a safe heaven that welcomes them entirely without prejudice, and solely desires for their success. That establishment is critical more-so today than ever, as the issues plaguing our future generations have become all too common and pervasive. We can longer disregard and be blind to what is evident; that our youth are lost, that our youth have no guidance, and worst of all, that our youth are dying spiritually and worse, physically. It is upon us, those whom are able, to support any and every cause, near and far, to help the Ummah.

The Safina Community Center Project’s mission is to create a facility that educates, enriches and enlightens the youth. One that educates through the correct understanding of Islam, as well as instills a drive for academic success. That also enriches through experience and expansion of what is really possible in this life and the hereafter. And lastly, enlightens by means of taking the aforementioned experiences and incorporating them into their lives, households and spiritual selves.  To provide first and later generation Muslim youth with a multi-purpose institution that provides programs which allow for growth and development spiritually, socially and academically.

The Safina Community Center Project is a long-term initiative to create a Community Center for Washington State Muslim residents. There are already a vast amount of Islamic Center’s and Masjid’s in the United States, but none have the capacity to be a real Community Center.

Definition: A Community Center is an establishment intended to be used for social, educational and recreational purposes.

As defined above, most Islamic Centers and Masjid’s can only hope to address one or, at most, two needs of a community but are not built to do all three and more. A community needs more than what we are offering today, it needs; social services, health services, family services, counseling services, recreational services, drug and crime services, as well as project and activities tailored to that community.

The Safina Community Center Project intends to do all of the aforementioned and to address issues prevalent in our communities that will be detailed in this document.

Our Objective

The Safina Community Center Project has many objectives, but our most important are: 1) To create an accessible refuge for YIN [Youth In Need]. 2) To create an establishment that caters to ALL of the needs of our Community. 3) To wholeheartedly better the lives of those whom use our establishment both spiritually and worldly. The aforementioned might seem impossible, but it is very much so possible. What is required more-so than the physical work that needs to be done, is to have a facility that is tailored to address those needs with the space and amenities required.

We need a facility that has enough space, rooms and recreation that we can entice those youth in need and those whom are at the fringes of becoming lost, to come and find solace. It is immensely difficult to get across guidance to a child that does not want to be anywhere you are. But if you have what they want, such being a basketball court, then now you have leverage. They can come and play so long as they listen to a quick reminder and such.

We have lost too many youth, and are losing more, by the tactics we have been employing. Primarily being, that we are absolutely negligent to their needs, lives and wellbeing in this Country. We do not sympathize, empathize or understand them, and are spending time chasing the Dunya than giving time to them. We all understand the lifestyle we live here, and we all know we cannot truly change it. So it is paramount that we at least create something, some home away from home, so that our children can potentially succeed.

Breeding a culture and ideology of success requires an atmosphere conducive to it. Our kids need to feel like they are worth something and that they are important. That we can no longer give them a measuring stick of success and outwardly show our disappointment. Our kids cannot be molded to whatever we want without extreme sacrifice and effort. We no longer have time to idly stand by and be witness to this society devouring what is left of their Islam and identity.

The Safina Community Center Project is intended to be a place of understanding for all of the youth’s problems; amongst those, the problems they shy from seeking help at the Masjid’s or their homes.

Our Team

Dr. Yahya Suufi

Sh. Yahya Suufi is a graduate with masters from the University of Madinah.

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